Activities within the grounds

In the property ...

Coffee  Since this is a coffee farm, we offer guests an opportunity to experience, learn and participate in it’s cultivation and processing methods used onsite. The ancient method of sun drying and the hand processing is as memorable as your bottomless brewed cup.

Fishing The lake is renown for its black bass fishing (largemouth bass - Micropterus salmoides).

Kayaking  One small, two person inflatable Kayak, Ideal for short journeys. Where one can see the unique views of the property, the old trees covered in jungle with dropping cliffs into the green waters of the lake. Also the views of the majestic volcanoes never ceases to amaze. Kayak rentals also available in town.

Birdwatching  within property; 68 varieties (migratory & non)  have been documented ..

Swimming & cliff diving

With access to a floating dock and different levels of cliffs for jumping . You can jump at your height preference in different locations.


We grow traditional native fruit trees and medicinal gardens. Avocado trees, banana, guava, níspero, jocote and kushin shade the grounds, culinary herbs decorate the pathways. Coffee plants and a variety of bamboo provide a home to many colorful song birds. All cultivation is organic with bio dynamic gardening concepts and permaculture terraces.

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