• Exotic and lush, the terrain at Quimibal is rugged and steep. Adequate footwear with treads and back straps are needed.

• Sept. and Oct. needs more rain gear and boots to comfortably move around any parts of the lake. A fleece and cap are sometimes needed.

• Headlamps and flashlights (rechargeables recommended ; NiMH AA/AAA battery chargers available on request). There are many paths with no lights and occassional power failures.

• Pharmacies are available in Panajachel, there is a hospital accessible by boat, a 45 min. ride to Santiago.

• Travel Insurance with healthcare would be highly recommended. Private hospitals are costly and far away. Many airlines are associated with a specific insurance company.

• Any information on local services is a no charge but no responsibility agreement. We do our best to recommend the safest, timely and professional services available in this remote village of San Marcos La Laguna. Prepare for time delays, especially during the rain season.

• We claim no health responsibility.

• Scorpions and spiders reside close by. CasaSita was engineered and constructed with the defense of crawly creatures as possible. Its a rare but possible encounter.

• property rule : Please do not bring in people and/or animals/pets from outside.